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News reviews WristWear

double tour hermes leather loop news recommendation review reviews single tour wristwear

Hungary's most influential Apple news magazine has reviewed our straps. We are very honored to receive such high valued recommendation and we appreciate their opinion greatly. You can read more about Szifon's review of WristWear here.  

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WristWear Adjustment Guide

Follow these steps to put any WristWear on your Watch: 1. When adjusting your WristWear separate it into 2 pieces. 2. Face the 3 identical pins up at each part of the WristWear. 3. Slide shorter part of the WristWear to the top part of the Watch closer to the digital crown. Repeat for the longer part of WristWear and apply to the bottom part of the Watch (When applying one piece WristWear such as Magnetic Closure Milanese Loop slide in both parts at once with shorter loose adapter facing top of the Watch).    

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Adjusting Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

Link Bracelet To adjust any WristWear link bracelet follow these instructions: 1. Turn your bracelet front with 3 identical pins up. 2. Open up the buckle clasp on your bracelet. 3. Slide your link bracelet halfway in with 3 identical pins facing up. 4. Repeat on the other side of the Watch. 5. Now, push both sides in all the way and enjoy your stylish link bracelet.  

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