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About Us

WristWear is a brand of bands, bracelets and straps embodying the uniqueness and style of every single Apple Watch user and giving them more choice to pick the perfect wrist piece for them.

When Apple Watch came out, the first thing we asked ourselves was how are we going to be unique and different when the choice is so limited. We wanted to be able to express our individuality, match our styles and enjoy more of wristwear pieces for different occasions reasonably. We have been dwelling a lot and came up with a range of products of several different materials and styles carefully designed exclusively for your Apple Watch so now even you could be more unique and have one for each occasion.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do and we are just getting started. We will do our best to bring in even more of unique wristwear for Apple Watch. Feel free to get in touch with us and share with us your recommendations, feedback and desires regarding wristwear for Apple Watch.